5 Ways To Trick Out A Tavor

While not as rich as an accessory like the AR-15, Tavor is slowly gaining a dedicated following and shooters are demanding parts to make it even better. Let’s check how to trick out your Tavor in some different ways.


The Mepro 21 has long been the choice of the IDF, yet an assortment of low-power variable 3-firearm/DMR optics function admirably on the Tavor. The Mepro 21 fiber-optic and Tritium-controlled sights convey amazingly quick, no-battery, enlightened choices for the fast dealing with Tavor. I particularly enjoyed utilizing the top of the Mepro 21 triangle reticle for accurate shots.

Variable optics like the Millet DMS-2 1-6x24mm scope help to further develop accuracy as distances increment and take into consideration simple pre-aligned extras. It may appear to be odd to consider the Tavor for long-range shots with a more powerful optic, yet the rifle is able to convey 3-inch groups at 300 yards with its full-length, 16-inch barrel. If you want more precision, the high-power optic and Geissele or Timney Trigger upgrade can net a sub-MOA Tavor.


Right on time during Tavor’s presentation, writers wrote blistering remarks on the vibe of the substantial battle trigger in the rifle. Geissele and Timney acted the hero with two exceptional sub-5-pound “match” trigger packs, which can be swapped in less than 15 seconds. There are presently other trigger packs accessible. However, the Timney is viewed as the best single-stage trigger for the Tavor, and the Geissele conveys a magnificent two-stage trigger with a choice of another accuracy trigger shoe.

Let your clients know that the Geissele trigger shoe substitution conveys a greatly improved inclination and more exact trigger. However, it requires the practically complete disassembly of the Tavor and it is an outlandish cycle without the $20 Tavor barrel evacuation tool.


Tavor’s top and side rails are altogether viable with Picatinny-prepared AR adornments, including lights and lasers. The Tavor is a firmly engaged shooting bundle with no additional land. Assuming you need to begin mounting a bipod or standard light under the forend, things become busy in a rush.

Fortunately, various organizations are currently offering reseller’s exchange Keymod and M-Lock forends. Midwest Industries is the leader in Tavor forends and rails with standard, expanded and XL broadened forend choices in either Keymod or M-Lock forms. Midwest Industries likewise offers a discretionary 1-inch strategic light mount that uses the generally unused space inside the MI forend. The MI Tavor forends convey more space and frill mounting adaptability while offering a more AR-15-like straight forend feel to the shooter with some additional length to loosen upon.

To keep your gun clean and safe for long-lasting use, the best gun vise will be the right choice for you.


Numerous Tavor shooters don’t understand they can mount a bipod on the stock forend utilizing the sling stud. If your clients pick a secondary selling Midwest Industries Tavor Forend, they have the choice and additional land for a Picatinny-appended bipod like a top-end Atlas. One of the most creative bipod mounts is the FAB Defense TAR PODIUM Tavor bipod, which replaces the base grasp fitting and conveys a press button, spring-stacked bipod.


I am personally not kicking down terrorists’ doors or raiding crack houses, but I do train extensively with the Tavor and use it as a home-defense rifle. The size of the rifle is optimal for CQB use, however, I have found a few accessories to be extremely handy without adding a lot of weight.

The Mission First Tactical Torch reinforcement light connects to the rail like a tick and conveys as much as 20 lumens, which is barely enough to distinguish focuses inside a room and give mobility lighting without blinding light. The LaserLyte Center Mass sight is another small Picatinny embellishment that conveys an extremely quick Predator film-style ring of red laser specks on an objective.

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