Top 8 Best Car Gun Safe (2021 Updated)

Do you find it challenging to travel on the highways? If you travel a lot, the gun should be kept as a precautionary measure in the car for your safety. It is always wise to keep the gun at a place that nobody else can reach. If you choose a gun for your safety, also buy the best car gun safe that protects your weapons in the car.

A car gun safe prevents any kinds of negligent acts that can cause you or any other passenger harm. A good car gun safe has all the right features that keep you safe and your firearms secure. In the handgun car safe, you can easily keep the license of the gun and the gun itself.

Many consumers might ask why should invest in the best car gun safe. A car gun safe is important for the protection and safety of guns in vehicles. There are multiple pockets in the car that can be used as a secretive place for keeping a gun in the car. It is a huge mistake to keep guns in open space. Keeping a gun in pockets of the dashboard or seats is quite risky. So, choose a car gun safe for keeping your guns intact and safe.

At the time of purchasing the best portable gun safe, you should make sure to check the reliability and quality of the safe. Otherwise, you can risk your gun – anybody can access it.

To help you find the best car gun safe, we have explored lots of variety of options so you can select the best pistol safes for vehicles according to ease and choice. So, we have prepared a list of the best car safes products for you that are high-quality as well as offer highly reliable storage space for your gun:

Our Pick Of 8 Best Car Gun Safe In 2021

1. Fort Knox

Fort Knox

Fort Knox Car Gun Safe has highly durable and reliable construction. Due to its amazing quality of Automotive Gun Safe, the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe has secured a top spot on our list. The mechanical and tamper-resistant Handgun car safe makes it a perfect choice for security.

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Key Features

  • Has mechanical push-button lock
  • Features a sturdy construction
  • Has gas-strut assisted door
  • Upgraded design of car gun safe

Car Gun Safe has a solid and durable design that was upgraded in 2017. The upgrade made the quick access gun safe for car more resistant to any kind of tampering activities. We are highly impressed by the huge ten-gauge steel construction of car safes.


  • Features an electronic locking mechanism
  • Made of the super quality alloy steel
  • Waterproof and abrasion-resistant car gun safe
  • Given lifetime warranty by the manufacturer


  • It has no mounting hardware

It is convenient to open and close the car gun safe with the help of a gas strut. The feature of the gas strut assists in raising as well as lowering the safe door. If you are intending to purchase a high-quality best gun safe for car, you should consider this top-quality car gun safe.

2. Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault

Liberty HDX-250 is a Biometric Car Gun Safe that has an excellent biometric safe. The biometric system of this best car gun safe provides great protection to your valuables and gun. The Home Defender Series by Liberty offers great relief to people who carry cash with them during traveling.

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Key Features

  • Features a finger swipe access system
  • Has fingerprint memory
  • Showcases tamper-resistant design
  • Equipped with a backup system

The HDX-250 locking system has an auto-opening door. You can swipe-open the door with your finger and take out your weapon as soon as possible. In case of emergency, the biometric system enables you to get your gun quickly. The box also has a mounting system. So, you can mount the box as well.


  • Safely gives protection to your firearms
  • Resistant to all kinds of pry attacks
  • Easily programmed and operated
  • Comes with an A/C adapter and 9V Battery Source


  • It is quite difficult to program the fingerprints at first

Though it is a compact design of the Vault Biometric Safe, it is spacious enough to hold 2-3 guns as well as other miscellaneous items. This is the best car safe for home use also.

3. Standard Digital Pistol Safe

Standard Digital Pistol Safe

GunVault Microvault MV500-STD gun safe case is one of the Best Vehicle Gun Safe to purchase as they can be easily hidden under the seat. The GunVault also has appropriate space for storing one to three guns inside it. The body of the car safe for gun is also thicker than gives it durability.

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Key Features

  • Consists of a heavy steel body with 20 gauge
  • Can fit inside a smaller place inside the car
  • The keypad of the safe case is digital
  • Made of the cable and bolt securing
  • Provides great protection to the safe case

If your car has a stylish and elegant interior, this is the perfect standard digital micro vault for you. With its black finish and attractive body, it goes well with the beautiful design of your car interior.


  • Also offers a back-up keys system
  • The Interior has a foam lining
  • Lightweight, compact and portable car gun safe
  • Has solid and robust construction
  • Has high-strength and tamper-resistant locking mechanism


  • The locking mechanism of the safe case is quite complicated

Though the locking system is complex, the locking mechanism of the car gun safe is digital. This makes it easy for the owner to access the gun in case of an emergency. The best feature of the portable gun safe for car is that nobody sees the codes. So, your gun or any other valuable remains safest inside the safe.

4. SentrySafe Gun Safe

SentrySafe Gun Safe

This is another Best Portable Car Safe Case that features a biometric locking mechanism. The case has been specially engineered for keeping guns or firearms safer inside the safe case. The case features a high standards design as well as quality.

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Key Features

  • Features a noiseless, practical, and high-quality design
  • Offers space for 1 gun
  • Has solid steel construction
  • Helpful and easy to use a model of car gun safe

The portable vehicle safe offers a wide range of features to users that bring lots of conveniences. Fingerprint locking mechanisms make it one of the safest places to store guns or other important valuable things.


  • The compact and practical design of car gun safe
  • Has sturdy construction
  • Resistant to tamper activities
  • Offers great and optimal performance


  • The battery of the car gun safe does not have an AA system. This makes it easy to operate its locking system

The gun safe has high-quality and high-standard biometric access service. It will cause a lot of problems for the burglars or people who try to tamper with it. These are the best small gun safes for cars. It will only open with backup keys or your fingerprints. So, remain assured that your gun stays safe inside the case.

5. SnapSafe Gun Safe

SnapSafe Gun Safe

If you are looking for a lightweight and easily carried gun safe lock, you should check out the SnapSafe TrekLite Gun Safe. It only weighs around 1.6 lbs – the safest and Lightest Portable Pistol Safes you can avail in the market.

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Key Features

  • Made of the high-quality polycarbonate material
  • Impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and waterproof
  • Tamper-resistant gun safe lock
  • High-strength car gun safe

The Car Gun Safe shares the same strength as the heavier and solid steel counterparts. It is priced around $20, which makes it one of the most affordable yet amazingly high-quality best car gun safe.


  • Has the 1500 lbs security cable
  • Contains four-thick protective foam
  • Protects your valuable things from scratch or any type of damage
  • Meets the TSA firearms safety standards
  • Offers great value for money


  • It is made of plastic, which is why it may not as durable as other products listed

This best portable gun safes for modern shooter acts as a deterrent against tampering activities. This is a spacious box that can hold the gun as well as other miscellaneous valuable items. So, use the box and keep everything safe inside your car.

6. Vaultek Biometric Handgun

Vaultek Biometric Handgun

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun is one of the Best Nightstand Gun Safe available on our list. Vaultek is equipped with a great many features that make it worth its price.

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Key Features

  • Offers fast access to the gun or tools inside
  • Has the smartphone technology
  • Gives great protection against tampering
  • Multiple modes give good protection to guns lying inside

The biometric technology system enables you to program the locking mechanism with your fingerprints. It provides you great access to the valuable things inside with just a finger swipe. Just set the fingerprint locking mechanism and keep your guns safe inside.


  • Offers backups for codes and keys
  • Has great interior lighting
  • Has stealth mode
  • Made of the 16-gauge high tensile steel
  • Has security alarm and tamper alarm


  • Its fingerprint sensor may not work efficiently. You can face problems with its fingerprint sensor

If you are unable to use a fingerprint scanner for any reason, you should use the coded keypad and backup keys for popping the safe open manually. It is the low-in-budget best gun safes for vehicles.

7. GunVault Fits Full-Size Style Pistols, Black

GunVault Fits Full-Size Style Pistols, Black

The GunVault NV300is a High-Quality Best Vehicle Safe For Guns that is available at affordable rates. The gun has both a mechanical locking mechanism as well as a biometric locking mechanism. It has a three-digit combination of manual that makes it even more secure.

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Key Features

  • Easily operated gun safe
  • Impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant
  • Made of the 18-gauge steel
  • Has robust and solid design

In case of emergency, you can easily access your gun with just a single swipe. Its fingerprint locking system works efficiently. It is a compact box but offers great protection against scratches and other damaging elements.


  • Capable of holding a large-sized gun
  • Backup keys work smoothly
  • Makes theft of your property impossible
  • Meets the standards of TSA airline guidelines


  • The car gun safe offers a basic level of protection

This is the best portable handgun safe for home travels on highways. If you travel with your family, a handgun is necessary for averting any unfavorable situation. So, gear up for a family road trip by securing your gun first in this safe case. The GunVault NV300is an excellent best gun safe for car that is available at affordable rates.

8. Stack-On PC-95C Best Car Gun Safe

Stack-On PC-95C Best Car Gun Safe

Stack-On PC-95C Portable Case is a Compact Best Handgun Car Safe with a combination lock. The locking mechanism of the car gun safe is special that ensures that you can keep pistols and items with absolute security.

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Key Features

  • Designed to fit inside small compartments
  • Offers high-level security to your valuable items
  • Consists of a strong steel tether
  • The locking mechanism is reliable

The most amazing feature of the portable vehicle safe is its tether cable and its charging station. With this hardware and gadgets, you can easily recharge your gadget while storing it inside.


  • Has an excellent-quality slim body
  • Has an unbreakable locking mechanism
  • Offers usability and comfort for all gun enthusiasts
  • Performs optimally


  • The gun safe is not resistant to fire, cold, or water

In this safe, you can also conveniently carry small items such as bullets or other valuable items. The car gun safe has boxes that increase its efficiency and performance. This is indeed one of the best car gun safes for storing ammo that is available online.

Bottom Line

You can find above 8 car gun safes that are equipped with great quality features. The drawbacks of items are also provided so you can decide about the gun safe. Selection of the best car gun safes is all about the security of yourself as well as your loved ones. So, examine the car gun safe thoroughly before finalizing your decision. You should choose a gun safe that consists of thickened steel material with a highly advanced locking mechanism. So, you can access the gun in an emergency right away.

Also, make sure to purchase the best car gun safe that meets your safety and budget requirements.

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