Check The Best Nightstand Gun Safe of 2021- Top Buying Guide

Looking for a way to keep your gun safe from intruders and children? Here you will find the best solution for this, the best nightstand gun safe can be an excellent option to keep your gun safe.

The frequency of gun accidents is increasing by children. We keep our guns unsafe and open to all which cause the problem and accidents. To get rid of this entire problem we have to take some precautions. In the market, there are some of the best nightstand gun safe with the unique design and features that they will keep your gun safe. You can adjust the gun safe in your lovely place in the home and place where you can easily access them. For this, you need the best quick access gun safe nightstand that will keep your gun and expensive things safe.

In this article, we provide you the best nightstand gun safe in the market that will long last and keep your gun safe from kids and intruders. The cost of the safe is efficient and easily affordable and material quality is excellent.

Topmost 7 Best Nightstand Gun Safe Reviews of 2021

1. VAULTEK VT2OI Biometric Handgun Safe

VAULTEK VT2OI Biometric Handgun SafeVaultek is the best nightstand gun safe in the market. It features the unique design and biometric fingerprint sensor.

You have a more secure and safe gun safe that will protect your gun and ammo in the home. It provides you more space to store the extra ammo and gun chips in a gun safe. Easy access of the gun from the safe is possible because it has fast and advanced biometric locks. Vaultek is best to store the handguns and its ammo.

The design of this gun safe is a build-up of the 16-gauge carbon steel that is durable and efficient to use in harsh conditions. It is hard to open the safe if we try to pry open or smash open too. It even has a 4-feet long anchoring cable to hang the gun safe on the wall. The Beneficial point of this best quick access gun safe nightstand is that you just have to charge the battery that will work for the 3 4 months constantly.

Overall it is a portable gun safe for the home and goes through Best Nightstand Gun Safe to get an amazing gun safe.

Bottom Line: An excellent feature of biometric and rechargeable battery that provides the high-end security and safety for the gun.

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Key Features:

  • Supports Biometric Fingerprint
  • Stores Extram Amoo and Bullets
  • Anti-Impact Resistant


  • 4 months rechargeable battery life
  • Anti-pry/Anti-impact resistant
  • Fast biometric access
  • Stores handgun and extra ammo
  • Made using 16-gauge carbon steel


  • Slightly small in size

2. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric LockIf you are looking for gun safe SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe With Biometric Lock is the best product in the market.

This provides you better secure storage for one standard handgun, This sentry safe handgun is constructed with solid steel and pry resistant door for strength and handgun security. Its capacity is 0.08 cubic feet. The Sentrysafe gun has a digital keypad.

This SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock is the best and strongly secure handgun safe you must go for.

To get the best safety and security to our gun go through this best quick access gun safe nightstand. 

Bottom Line: It provides biometric lock with the optional keys in a failure of battery and in build drill holes to hang on the wall easily.

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Key Features:

  • Biometric Locking System
  • Most Convenient Storage
  • Pry Resistant


  • Safety backup key
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Fits in even small drawers
  • Programmable electric lock


  • No illuminated lock keypad

For those who have a limited budget for gun safes, here you will find the high-rated gun safes available within $500 that will also give you the best quality results

3. Gun Vault SV500- Speed Vault Handgun Safe

Gun Vault SV500- Speed Vault Handgun SafeGun Vault SV500 is the best quick access gun safe nightstand that supports the digital keypad for easy access to the weapon.

It comes with the outstanding design and features that make it more efficient and durable. For security, it provides you the more than 12 million access codes and with strong construction. The interior is covered with protective foam to keep the gun safe and efficient. The buildup quality of gun safe is more durable and made up of the18 gauge steel. It supports the electronic keypad that will be used to enter the key.

After the opening of the gun safe with the help of the biometric, there are lights inside the safe that blow when the safe is open. With the Gun Vault SV500, you will get to know that your gun is safe from the intruders. The weight of safe is 10 pounds that make it light and easily moveable from one place to another. this is the best gun safe for a nightstand that has strong battery efficiency that lives a long time span.

This is a strong and efficient-enough nightstand gun safe for security.

Bottom Line: Provides your digital keypad and strong steel construction to keep the gun safe. The protective foam keeps the gun safer.

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Key Features:

  • Easy And Multiple Mounting
  • 1-9 V Long Lifespan Battery
  • Protective Foam-Lined Interior


  • It comes with an electronic keypad.
  • Hardware to facilitate different mounting options.
  • The solid construction of 18 gauge steel and protective foam interior lining.
  • Supports fast activation drop-down drawer for speedy access.


  • The lock is not solid enough and is easy to pick.

4. V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box

V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box (2)For safeguarding your firearm V-line best gun safe for nightstand can be the right choice.

It features strong steel built body construction with the keyless locking system. It provides the simplest way to access the easy programming that you can easily set the code to access the case. It offers you quick access when unexpected is going to happen. It supports easy mounting that you can hide it anywhere in the secret place. For security purposes, you can add 1000 lock combinations in programs.

This desk mate is safe to use and portable that you can mount it on the desk, nightstand, or cabinet shelf. V-line is a lightweight and portable best quick access gun safe nightstand to use and has a weight of 10 pounds. The battery support system is not providing in the V-Line. The issue of battery charge and battery replacement cost is absent. This case is totally safe and efficient to use with amazing features.

To get efficient quality safe goes through our Best Nightstand Gun Safe.

Bottom Line: It supports a keyless locking system and no battery option that will remove the issue of battery discharge.

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Key Features:

  • Simplex Mechanical Lock
  • Anti-Pry Brackets
  • Discreet Security Case

5. First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

First Alert Portable Handgun SafeFirst Alter 5200 is a portable pistol and handgun safe. This is the best quick access gun safe nightstand that provides you a reliable locking system to ensure high security.

This super nightstand gun safe provides you a reliable locking system to ensure the highest that allows you to set the passcodes. The passcodes have the size of the 3 – 8 digits for security. The gun safe is highly secure and builds up with the 18 gauge steel. It is powder-coated that makes it more durable and shines for a long time. It is included with the spring-loaded hinge that in an emergency it is easy to access.

This is the best gun safe for nightstand with a unique design and has the pre-drilled holes that you can easily hang it on the hidden location efficiently. It includes the thick cable home floor or wall mounting. The size of this nightstand gun safe is so efficient that you can hang it on the car seat or to the floor of your car trunk. The interior of gun safe has covered with foam that gun is comfortable and safe.

To get your gun proper safety goes through our Best Nightstand Gun Safe.

Bottom Line: Provides your mounting cable for the home walls with superior comfort and compatible size.

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Key Features:

  • Foam-Lined Protective Interior
  • Spring-Loaded Hinge
  • Electronic Keypad Locking System

6. Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Pistol Gun Safe

GunVault Microvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe MVB500Gunvault MVB500 is the best gun safe for nightstand that helps you with any emergency situation at home or on the road. It supports the coded fingerprint’s access to the pistol and handguns.

Intruders and Children have no chance to access the gun from this micro vault. It supports the biometric fingerprints and builds up with the high gauge steel construction. This increases the security and safety of the gun. This quick access gun safe nightstand includes thick steel mounting cable that helps to hang the gun safe on the home walls.

Gunvault has the plus that if the biometric fails to open safe then there are backup ways to unlock the safe. They provide you override key to unlock a locking mechanism. The biometric system of this safe supports multiple codes that you can access safely. It has advanced designs that look beautiful and strong that intruders and children will not get access.

To get efficient and strong nightstand gun safe go on Best Nightstand Gun Safe.

Bottom Line: Efficient and durable design at affordable cost with strong steel construction and alternative key unlock.

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Key Features:

  • Biometric Fingerprint Locking System
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Provided Override Key

7. Bluestone Safety under the Desk Holster

Bluestone Safety under the Desk HolsterBluestone is a secure and safer quick access gun safe nightstand in the market. It has no interior room, walls, doors, and other biometric security systems. Bluestone is under desk holster with thick rubber mounting plate situating on it.

It includes metal line eyelets that allow and help you to the mountain it anywhere on the desk or anywhere around you. It has a durable woven elastic hostler that is stitched to rubber plate that helps to hold the heavy handgun and pistol in the safe efficiently. The backing plate provides the thick nylon thread that helps holster to carry and hold the firearm without fear.

You can mount the plate anywhere around you that it will be easy to get access to the emergency situation. The precaution of this safe is to take is to mount it in a height where the children cannot reach. The benefit of the safe is it is very cost-efficient with easy mount and fast access to a firearm.

This is one of the best nightstand gun safes at affordable prices.

Bottom Line: Easy mount on the wall and easy access anywhere around you and comes at affordable prices.

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Key Features:

  • Thick Rubber Backing Plate
  • Metal Lined Screw Eyelets
  • Thickly Woven Elastic


If you want your firearms to be safe we provide you the best nightstand gun safe that makes it easy to protect your gun from intruders and unwanted accidents from kids. #1. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun: Ensures long-lasting protection of your belongings for years to come. #2. Stack-On Personal Drawer Safe: Biometric lock makes accessing your secure items fast and easy. #3. GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe: Fast activation drop-down drawer for quick access. #4. V-Line 2597-S Mate Keyless Security Box: Easy to program and easy to use. #5. First Alert Portable Handgun Safe: Durable and heavy-duty construction. #6. GunVault Pistol Safe: Provide lighting-quick access even in the dark. #7. Cyrozm Bluestone Safety Under The Desk: Stitched to backing plate for rugged performance. 

Take a time to consider which are best or you can check the entire best nightstand gun safe 2021 and pick any of these, which suits your needs and requirements.

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