Compare The Best Pelican Case Of 2021- The Complete Guide

The packing requirements of consumers may vary from time to time. Do you want to pack your gun or some other important thing? The Pelican Case is the perfect solution for you in this case. It is an excellent and seamless packing solution that is available at quite affordable rates. Pelican cases offer all the elements that are required for robust packing.

Pelican is not a new name for the protective cases in the market. The brand showcases professionalism, quality, high value, and reliability. You can make a smart investment in the Pelican cases if you make a smart decision of purchasing the excellent Pelican Case.

Husband and wife worked had to found and carry out the day to day operations of Best Pelican Case Company. Their credible and excellent work had made them a credible name for purchasing a different type of cases.

If you would like to purchase a high-quality Pelican Case, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best pelican cases that can help you in purchasing the best-quality and right type of Pelican Case: In addition to this, you may also check out our reviews on the Top-Rated Best Hygrometer For Gun Safe 2021.

Our Top Picks: 8 Best Pelican Case In 2021

1. Amazing-Quality Pelican case 1200

Amazing-Quality Pelican case 1200

As per our analysis, this is an Inexpensive Hard Cases, which is kept airtight by using tongue and groove fit. It also utilizes the Polymer O-ring. This is top quality and highly recommended Pelican Case for the Cameras. This makes for excellent, reliable, and well-structured photography gear. The protective bag is available at quite affordable rates.

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Key Features

  • Made of the best-quality plastic in the USA
  • Water-resistant, dust-resistant, and abrasion-resistant
  • Has three interior options
  • Features an absolute watertight design
  • Offers customized fit

The body of the Pelican 1200 Case has a crushproof body that is made of a protective case. It meets the standards of stainless steel hardware.


  • Indestructible bag
  • Offer protection against rugged elements
  • Has automatic pressure
  • Makes for an amazing place for the security of firearms


  • It is not made of stainless steel material. The Pelican Case consists of plastic material instead

Whether you go to the north pole or any other extreme condition place, the Pelican Case 1200 will keep your belongings protected and tightly secured. It is the best pelican case for beginners.

2. Pelican Case 1510 Case

Pelican Case 1510 Case

Pelican case 1510 is a safe choice for the storage of any important luggage. Besides being water-resistant and dustproof, the Pelican Case 1510 is also the Best Cheap Pelican Cases. It provides your camera with excellent seamless security.

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Key Features

  • Made of the best quality material
  • Crushproof, waterproof, and dustproof
  • Lightweight yet useful Pelican Case
  • Has robust built

If you would like to visit wildlife sanctuaries, this is the pelican case camera gear that you should carry. Whether it falls in springs of water or depths of a swamp, it will remain intact. No water will ruin your belongings.


  • Replacement option available – given warranty by the manufacturer
  • Features an automatic Pressure Equalization valve
  • Features a solid and practical wall design
  • Has open cell core design


  • These are the expensive Pelican Case

Though this is the best pelican case for DSLR, everything good comes at a price. As we suggests, this is a highly durable Pelican Case that lasts longer. So, you will not have to pay for another watertight case nearly.

3. Pelican Case 1170

Pelican Case 1170

According to our research team, this is a High-Quality Best Pelican Gear that is particular engineered with a focus on its durability. This is an ideal camera pelican case for professionals who require world-class protection against water and dust.

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Key Features

  • Handheld Pelican Case
  • Electronic bag
  • Portable and Watertight bag
  • Features an oversized folding handle

Besides being waterproof, it is also packed with a great many features that render it one of the best Pelican cases available in the market. The pelican Case 1170 is also available in multiple colors.


  • Excellent secured sanctuary for cameras
  • Protects against crashing of important luggage
  • Waterproof Pelican Case
  • Conveniently opened Double Throw Latches
  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds


  • Its exterior design could have been improved

This is the best pelican case for DSLR and two lenses that offer a worry-free luggage solution. Now, pack your clothes, food, wildlife support tools, or weapons. Then, do not worry about it all. Your luggage stays in the safe hands.

4. Pelican Storm iM2050

Pelican Storm iM2050

As the name suggests, it is indeed a Heavy-Duty Best Pelican Case that is the best protection against gushes of water, air, or any other damaging elements. When nature gets forceful, this bag protects your precious belongings from getting ruined.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight and rugged construction
  • Practical and useful design
  • Design meets military requirements
  • Made of the best-quality plastic resins

It has excellent-quality press and pulls latches. So, you can definitely open, move or close it efficiently without any difficulty. We have found this best-quality product is more reliable and lightweight.


  • Has molded-in hasps
  • Lockable and watertight design
  • Has rugged wheels
  • Impact-resistant and durable shell
  • Features dependable performance


  • It arrives with the foam. So, you have to cut the foam horizontally manually

You can use some excellent pick and pluck tips for removing foam from the surface of the Pelican Case. It is also quite easy to use the latches of the bag. All in all, this is one of the best Pelican cases for professionals.

5. Pelican 1400 Case

Pelican 1400 Case

Make sure to check out this amazing, Lightweight Protective Carrying Case of the brand Pelican. We have found this carrying case of Pelican has impressive structural design as well as craftsmanship.

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Key Features

  • Equipped with double-throw latches
  • Has solid wheels and ball-bearings
  • Heat-resistant, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant
  • Highly durable Pelican Case

The structure, wide-open magnanimous cell core, and solid wall structure make it one of its kind. It is highly useful for the people who go for filming, photographing or hiking in the wildlife area.


  • Has 13.4 x 6 x 11.6 inches measurements
  • Weighs only about 1.52 pounds
  • Has automatic pressure equalization valve
  • The padded interior keeps your luggage safe from shocks as well as bumps


  • This is a big Pelican Case. It requires extra storage space

The Pelican 1400 Case is the safest and most secure best pelican case for camera gear, charging stations, and other costly equipment. You can take them to your most important photography event. We assure you will never regret trusting on the Pelican 1400 Case.

6. Pelican 1085 Carry Case

Pelican 1085 Carry Case

If you take trips and work on your laptop, Pelican has something to offer you. Pelican 1085 Laptop Case is the Reliable Pelican Case Camera for you that promises to protect your laptop in all types of adventures.

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Key Features

  • Offers great protection to your laptop in extreme conditions
  • Has a solid and practical structure
  • Features a versatile, engineered, and innovative design
  • Portable and convenient laptop case
  • Pelican 1085 has been specially designed for people who carry their laptops across vast areas.


  • Comes with a removable shoulder strap
  • Has automatic purge valve
  • Offered along with pick and pluck foam
  • Dustproof and crushproof laptop case


  • It is not suitable for a laptop bigger than 13 inches

The laptop case also has 360 laptop watertight cases. Whether you travel to an adventurous spot or another country, the case gives your laptop great protection. According to our findings this is the best pelican cases for laptops.

7. Computer Case Deluxe Offered by Pelican 1495

Computer Case Deluxe Offered by Pelican 1495

This is a Professional Best Pelican Case that is made of high-quality and abrasion-resistant material. It is suitable for employees who travel for work purposes. It is designed for storing computers above 17 inches.

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Key Features

  • Perfect for 17 inches laptops
  • Designed to give extra protection to your laptops
  • Has cushioned shoulder strap
  • Lockable with a three-dial combination lock

The Pelican case 1495 has a highly padded computer sleeve, shock-absorbing tray, lid organizer as well as a padded shoulder strap. So, the pelican camera cases had made it quite easy to carry your Computer during travel.


  • Absorbs shocks and keeps laptop safe
  • Equipped with padlock protectors
  • Tough and convenient Pelican case
  • Given lifetime guarantee by Pelican Brand


  • Thicker laptops will not fit inside the Pelican 1495 model

If you have been looking for a spacious and elegant yet watertight case for your laptop, Pelican 1495 is the amazing solution for you. This is one of the best Pelican cases for bigger laptops.

8. Pelican 1150 Camera Case With Foam

Pelican 1150 Camera Case With Foam

If you want a Most Durable Best Pelican Protector Case for increased protection and portability, this is an appropriate choice for you. If you would like to avail yourself of a colorful and joyful that matches your joyous personality, this blue color has been designed just for you.

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Key Features

  • Customizable interior foam
  • Gives great security to your luggage
  • Has a chic and contemporary appearance
  • Increases protection levels to a greater extent

The pleasant vibes of blue color are charming. Pelican 1150 Camera Case also has structural strength, which is also quite admirable. As we tested that this product is more reliable and will gives great security to your luggage.


  • A popular choice among professionals
  • Absolutely watertight carriage case
  • Designed to long last – often for an entire lifetime
  • Conveniently opens and closes


  • This is a small bag that does not fit larger equipment

The dimensions of the Pelican case are 9.1 x 4.4 x 7.6 inches, which fits medium sizes of camera equipment. It is also a lightweight Pelican case, weighing about 2.05 pounds. This is indeed one of the best Pelican cases for military.

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Bottom Line

All of these Pelican cases have been designed so as to provide greater satisfaction to the customers. Whether you choose economic affordability or durability, Pelican has your back. You can buy a low-priced or high-priced Pelican case that meets your requirements. You will never regret choosing pelican case camera gear for protecting your thousands of dollars of equipment.

Before you finalize the purchase, we recommend you check the size of your cameras or the luggage. Size is one of the most important that you should consider. So, check the dimensions of the camera pelican case and your equipment. This way, you will make the perfect purchase.

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