Do I Need a Dehumidifier For My Gun Safe?

Just as you take care of your gun, it is important that you take care of your gun safe too. Do you live in a humid area? Do you use your gun safe frequently? Where is your gun safe located? Along with all these questions, there is also a question that may arise, does your gun safe need a dehumidifier? Is the indoor climate of your gun safe humid?

There are a few key factors to consider when asking yourself this question.

Criteria for Gun Safe Humidity Levels

  • Where are you located?
  • How often do you open your gun safe?
  • Where have you placed the gun safe?

If you live in a dry climate, such as the desert or somewhere equally arid, you probably don’t need a dehumidifier. But, if you live in a humid climate, which means you have a lot of rain or the humidity level is constantly changing, then you need to buy a dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier helps to keep the humidity level in the air safe when the outside may not be. If you always use your gun safe, that is, once a week or more, you will not need a dehumidifier. But, if you don’t use your gun safe frequently, you don’t create a constant flow of air to move around the safe. When the air is constant, it causes the humidity level to rise, which means you will most likely need a dehumidifier to keep the airflow constant.

It also matters where you keep your gun safe. It should not only be in a temperature-controlled room where you know it will stay dry, but you also want to ensure that you are placing it on an interior wall. If you place the vault on the outside wall, the outside conditions will affect the inside of the vault, causing fluctuations in humidity.

It is likely that you will meet at least one criterion for a gun-safe interior to be moist. If so, you need a dehumidifier for the safety of your gun safe.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, I still recommend buying a dehumidifier. Most people trust their skills to measure how damp or dry their gun is. But, even the most confident person can sometimes be wrong.

Many different things can change the environment around gun safe. Instead of risking rusting your gun dangerously, be careful and buy a dehumidifier.

What Is A Safe Humidity Level For A Gun Safe?

Humidity levels vary from place to place. Humidity levels in the basement are lower than in the garage and upstairs. But where the gun safe is located, the relative humidity (RH) should be 40 to 55 percent. If the RH is more than 55%, your guns may be damaged.

You need to monitor the relative humidity frequently to avoid possible damage to your valuables. If the humidity is higher than acceptable, try a dehumidifier and use a hygrometer to measure RH.

However, if the humidity goes below the expected level, the gun will become too dry resulting in rust. In this case, you do not need to use a dehumidifier. If the temperature is above 80 degrees, you may want to consider setting up an air conditioner.

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Wrapping Up

It totally depends on the relative humidity level in your safe whether you need a dehumidifier or not. If your home environment is humid, you should use a dehumidifier.

We also suggest using a dehumidifier unless your home humidity is below acceptable levels. Hopefully, you have got your answer and don’t have to ask again, “Do I need a dehumidifier for my gun safe?”

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