8 Essential Gun Cleaning Supplies for Your Kit

Gun cleaning is a state-of-the-art process. If not done properly and carefully, the outcomes can end in a harmed firearm or injury. To properly clean your gun, you need to clean the gun properly.

You may think that your gun cleaning kit has each of the tools you really wanted, yet in reality, there is something missing. Do you have all the tools needed to properly clean a gun? In case you don’t know, keep reading below for our guide on essential gun cleaning supplies.

1. Gun Vise

A gun vise is a significant instrument when expecting to clean your gun’s drag appropriately. A gun vise keeps your gun secure while completely cleaning it. On the off chance that your firearm is gotten appropriately while you’re cleaning it, there are fewer chances of harm.

This can be a thing to ignore when considering a gun cleaning kit, but it should be in every cleaning kit. It is also a good idea to buy one that is designed to fit many guns, is strong, good quality, and portable. Gun vises are mostly used for rifles, but also for other types of guns.

2. Cleaning Rod or Bore Snake

Since it’s so natural to harm your gun while cleaning it with a cleaning rod, it’s significant that you choose your gun’s cleaning rod carefully. You’ll need to choose a cleaning rod that has a metal softer than the metal of your firearm or steel of the barrel. A bronze cleaning rod is a decent choice as it presents little danger to your firearm’s barrel.

A carbon fiber rod is another good decision and is better than that of a bronze one. A bore snake is your last choice, however shouldn’t supplant your cleaning rod. Continuously have a decent cleaning rod in your kit and supplement it with a drag snake.

A bore snake makes cleaning the barrel quick and simple. They’re additionally simple to bring with you as they’re made of up a small weighted rope.

3. Bore Guide

Unluckily, harming a riffle’s chamber, crown, or throat is not difficult to do when cleaning with a rod. Cleaning with an ord takes plenty of cautious movements. The bore guide is genuinely reasonable and advances great arrangement of the cleaning rod, which eventually forestalls harm including the spillage of firearm solvents into the riffle’s collector.

This instrument probably won’t be as fundamental in gun cleaning kits for guns or shotguns, however, it’s as yet a significant apparatus to have, and you’ll be glad you have one.

4. Gun Oil or Lubricant

Subsequent to cleaning your firearm, you’ll need to have the essential chemical substances close by to keep your gun in its best wellbeing. Utilizing WD-40 is certainly not an appropriate way of keeping up with your gun. WD-40 leaves behind a tacky buildup that will gather dust, grime, and other residues. Alternatively, stick to gun oil or lubricant that is made explicitly for maintaining guns in working order.


Select a degreaser that is made explicitly for firearms and guarantee it’s in your cleaning kit consistently. A gun degreaser eliminates any current dirt, grease, and oil from the moveable pieces of the firearm.


Notwithstanding, you’ll need to choose a grease that is made explicitly for guns also. A gun lubricant greases up all pieces of a firearm and keeps them shielded from conceivable rust.


A decent dissolvable helps you in eliminating lead, carbon, and different components from inside the firearm’s drag.


A protectant is one more way of shielding your gun from rust and is most fundamental when anticipating utilizing your firearm in cruel conditions as hunting and military use. A protectant will shield your firearm from water.

5. Gun Cleaning Brush

You probably won’t know about it, yet dirt and residue discover their direction into even the littlest of spaces in your firearm. Without the appropriate cleaning, the development of this dirt and residue can prompt a failing gun.

A nylon gun cleaning brush is an extraordinary tool to have in your cleaning kit. It’s the ideal little assistant in arriving at small breaks and tight spaces on your weapon. A nylon cleaning brush will venture into these tight spots and eliminate any dirt and residue.

6. Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are for sure a need when cleaning your gun. They assist with keeping your hands liberated from solvents, and they likewise assist with keeping your gun shielded from the oils on your skin. Regardless of whether solvents on your hands trouble you, it’s ideal to have expendable gloves in your cleaning unit to secure your firearm in any event.

7. An Organizational Tray and Case

The last thing you’ll have to complete your gun cleaning kit is a case with an organizational tray included. The best gun cleaning kits should accompany a case to hold everything together. Having an organizational tray is an additional advantage.

This guarantees that all of your gun cleaning supplies are remained careful and are handily found. For instance, when buying a pack from Wheeler, your AR build tools are kept coordinated and advantageously held together in a versatile case.

8. A Flashlight

A flashlight is one more extraordinary tool that can prove to be useful when you’re cleaning your gun. You may accept that your garage light is sufficiently splendid to take care of work, however with the assistance of a flashlight, you may see in any case. A small flashlight permits you to direct the light to particular areas inside the firearm.
This is the most ideal way of discovering stowed-away residue and dirt. Doing as such guarantees you detect all garbage on and in the gun.

Gather Your Gun Cleaning Supplies!

Since you know all that you wanted to clean your firearm, it’s an ideal opportunity to assemble all your gun cleaning supplies! Ensure to check everything off this list while choosing the right gun cleaning kit and supplies for your gun.

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