Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe Review

Possessing a gun means that you have to be responsible in taking care of the gun and keeping it at a safe place where your family, kids or any other member would not be able to access without your permission. For this purpose, buying a pistol safe box for your home and office security is mandatory. The Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe is a great choice to protect your guns and firearms in a secured gun safe. If you are looking for a pistol safe box under $300, then don’t forget to consider this highly trust-able gun safe brand. Read the Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe review first and so you can compare the benefits and make the mind to purchase it.

Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe Review

Technical Specifications

  • Front swing opening to conceal the box easily
  • Simplex lock mechanism-user friendly with 1081 user combinations
  • Designed with solid steel 10 gauge body with 3/16′” plate door
  • Includes spring-assisted hinges that assist door opening
  • Pre-drilled ports for easy bolt down or mounting
  • Fully carpeted and padded interior
  • Can carry and conceal in the car
  • Comes with a life time warranty
  • Product is made in United States

Design and Features

The Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe is a heavy duty personal safe. It can carry two guns easily. It is also made up of solid steel to ensure protection and safety. It weighs around 19 pounds and is perfect for home, office and car. It is 12.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches in size that gives you enough space for storage. All the Fort Knox gun safe models have Kaba Simplex lock installed for a heavy duty protection from burglars or any unauthorized access.


  • It comes with a mechanical lock system so you don’t need to worry about the batteries or cells.
  • The front door opening is ideal for someone who is looking to conceal the gun safe box.
  • Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe would easily fit most of the guns.
  • It’s an ideal gun safe box to keep in the car.
  • Already has drilled holes to bolt down the box. It can be mount horizontally or vertically.
  • Includes KABA Simplex lock that ensures security and reliability.


  • Sometimes it is difficult to understand the instructions from the owner manual. But you can easily watch tutorials to see how the gun safe box is installed.

Final Verdict of Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe Review

If you are looking for a solid, portable and secure gun safe box that comes with a manual locking mechanism then Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe is designed perfectly for you. The Fort Knox brand captures a lot of attention by claiming that they design the best safes in America. No doubt, the quality and positive reviews across the internet speak for the quality and value that this brand offers. They have shifted from old locking system to “KABA Simplex lock” which is among the trusted high-security lock companies. The Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe review shows that this product is going to meet your expectations for the price that it is being offered.

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