How to Install Dehumidifier In Your Gun Safe

It is safe to say that you are one of the many weapon proprietors who have long worried about what will happen to their guns inside a safe gun? If the answer is yes, you should know moisture and humidity are the guilty parties inside your safe. These components heighten rust and mold that can hurt your weapons and valuables. So, what should you do? A gun-safe dehumidifier can tackle your safe’s mugginess issue. That is the reason, in this article, we’ll let you know how to install a dehumidifier in a firearm safe. We will also examine what to consider prior to introducing a weapon-safe dehumidifier.

What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier relieves the heat from the natural environment. Concerning a firearm safe, a little hiding spot permits dampness to pass inside the safe. The dehumidifier renders the protected dry and clear of all dampness. So, for what reason do you dehumidify your safe? When the firearm safe has been in contact with moisture for a long time, the metal begins to deteriorate and rust. Your weapons and the safe are made of metal, which makes them powerless against rust, staining, shape, and chips.

With this condition, it’s simply important to install a gun-safe dehumidifier. Not exclusively does a dehumidifier decrease the life expectancy of your guns, however, it additionally builds the nature of your weapon safe. Presently in the following part, we’ll let you know how to install a dehumidifier in a gun safe.

How to Install a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe

First of all, you should check the dehumidifier’s instruction manual to help fix the device in the gun safe. Also, check the humidity level around your gun safe.

To install a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe, all you need to do is:

  • Place the dehumidifier horizontally and put it below inside the gun safe.
  • Go through the electrical cord that goes out of the safe wall. Most gun safes have pre-drilled holes where you can put wires.
  • You should mount the rod with clips.
  • Screw the clip to prevent the safe’s hinges.
  • Break the rod into the clips.
  • Be sure to cut the wire and remove the back cover of the plug housing.
  • Secure the cord to the cavity.
  • Run the cord as far into the plug housing.
  • Close the housing cover before locking the cord inside the plug housing.
  • Plug the dehumidifier rod into the power outlet.

Safety Tips Before Installing a Dehumidifier

Check out a few safety tips that you need to consider before installing a dehumidifier for gun safe.

  • The gun safes dehumidifiers are for indoor use.
  • Avoid soaking your dehumidifier, cord, and plug with water.
  • Never use the dehumidifier around explosives or flammable fumes.
  • Do not use the dehumidifier if the cord is damaged.
  • Unplug the dehumidifier when installing the device.
  • Do not use other plugs on your dehumidifier.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Gun Safe Dehumidifier

There are two types of dehumidifiers:

  • Silica Gel
  • Rod Models

You can keep silica gel anywhere in the safe. They do not use electricity. It absorbs moisture circulating in the air. You will have to change these gels every two weeks.

A rod model is an electrical device that heats the air inside a safe. This prevents Golden Road from accumulating moisture in the safe. You can use Golden Road for a long time.

Where to Place the Gun Safe Dehumidifier

With regards to setting your weapon safe dehumidifier, it’s ideal to put them on the firearm safe’s floor. The reason for the dehumidifier is to ingest the dampness inside the safe. On the off chance that you have a taller weapon safe, you should uncover the gadget between the guns underneath the racks. You can put the dehumidifier on a more extensive weapon protected underneath the sides of the firearm rack to permit the hot air to rise and retain the mugginess.

How Many Dehumidifiers Should You Use

Introducing a firearm-safe dehumidifier, you need to know the number of dehumidifiers you should utilize. The number of dehumidifiers to be introduced relies upon the size of your gun safe. You should consider likewise the number of firearms you are putting away inside the safe, and what is the moistness level around the safe.

It’s ideal to quantify the mugginess level of an unfilled protected to ensure you read the right temperature prior to introducing a dehumidifier. That way, you can test the moistness level once you put your guns inside the safe. Knowing the elements of your weapon safe provides you with an expected number of dehumidifiers you ought to introduce.

Racking Up Your Guns

Your dehumidifier is just a piece of the arrangement where you put it. The issue is likewise how you permit the air to go through the substance of the gun safe.

Ensure the guns are fanned out appropriately. However, it’s difficult to do in the event that you own heaps of guns and your safe isn’t enormous. In the event that you haven’t bought a firearm safe, we suggest picking a greater one than what you need. A greater and roomy weapon safe will permit you to stream the air around your guns.


It’s ideal to install a dehumidifier in your gun safe to forestall rust and form development. Most weapon safes oblige introducing a dehumidifier, so it limits a large part of the issue. You’d need your gun safe to secure and save the nature of your assets. Seeing how to introduce a dehumidifier in a weapon safe will allow you a battling opportunity to decrease the dampness and mugginess against your guns.

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