How to Reset a Stack-On Gun Safe

Stack-On gun safes are eminent for their great firearm stockpiling characteristics. As well as guaranteeing your weapon doesn’t fall into some unacceptable hands, they additionally shield your firearm from harm brought about by fire and other natural degradation agents.

Stack-On gun safes are outfitted with top-class locks. For security purposes, the locks vary locking and opening techniques. Stack-On gun safes are purchased with a default combination code. The default blend code is normal to all Stack-On firearm-safe locks.

When gained, one needs to reset the current default combination code and enter their desired, special combination code. In other cases, one might want to reset a combination code for known reasons.

Changing the combination code of a Stack-On gun safe is not a direct process. One needs to follow a succession of steps to change the combination code of the safe. Coming up next are the two primary strategies used to reset Stack-On gun safes rely upon the kind of lock on the safe.

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Procedure 1:

  • Enter the appropriate combination code to open the vault door.
  • While the vault door is open, press the pound key on the keypad followed by the “*” key.
  • Re-input the current combination key of the safe and press the pound key.
  • Input the new combination code you want. It should be a six-digit figure followed by a pound key.
  • Repeat this step.
  • You can test your new combination by pressing the ‘*’ key followed by your new combination and the pound sign.
  • In this way, you have set your combination code.

When changing the combination code, make sure you check the new combination by opening the door of the test safe to see if the combination causes the locking bolts to be engaged and separated.

Procedure 2:

  • Open the vault door using the current combination.
  • On the inside of the door, there is a small red button near the hinge. Press the red button and release.
  • A yellow light will turn on.
  • You can only change the access code when the door is open and the yellow light is on.
  • Enter your new security login code on the keypad and confirm it by punching the ‘#’ sign on the keypad.

Do not close the vault door without checking if your new code works. Enter the new code and hit the ‘#’ sign with Safe Open to see if the locks are engaged and scattered. If the process is not successful, repeat the process to change your passcode.

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