What are the Important Things to Buying a Dehumidifier for Gun Safe?

Investing in the best dehumidifier for your gun safe means to protect your armed weapons against corrosion and the harmful effects of moisture. Gun safe dehumidifiers prevent rust formation on your guns. There are plenty of dehumidifiers are designed to choose from. But which one is best for your gun safe is might be confusing for you. That’s why we are here to come up with some important key factors that you should consider while buying the right gun-safe dehumidifier for you.

To pick the correct dehumidifier, check out the important things below that will help you when buying a gun-safe dehumidifier and address all of your needs.

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Absorption Capacity:

This alludes to the amount of dampness the dehumidifier can ingest. An electric dehumidifier can be worked consistently whenever needed to catch any amount of dampness. However, desiccant dehumidifiers depend on silica gel beads to catch moisture. If the limit is excessively low, you should recharge it more again and again. Normally, if the unit utilizes silica gel beads, the bigger the size, the higher the ingestion.

Size and Coverage:

The dehumidifier needs to fit inside your safe without occupying a lot of room. Additionally, every unit has the greatest space of inclusion. On the off chance that the coverage region is excessively little, it won’t completely assimilate the dampness from the gun safe.

Installation Difficulty:

Installing a silica gel bead dehumidifier is somewhat simple since it doesn’t need any batteries or power connection. For installing electrical dehumidifiers, you might have to drill a hole for the power cable. If the mounting holes in your gun safe are already pre-drilled, the process becomes more automated. Please consult the instruction manual before starting the installation as some vaults may not handle the drilling process very well.


In spite of the fact that there are some very good quality costly dehumidifiers accessible available, most units are very reasonable. Unless you have a lot of moisture-related issues, there’s no reason to exceed your budget.

Evaluate Your Guns:

When purchasing a dehumidifier, the vast majority neglect the kind of arms stockpile they have. You should also always keep your guns dry to prolong life, some models are more sensitive to moisture, especially antique or replica guns. In case you know that your gun is susceptible to high mugginess, investing in a costly dehumidifier may be more advantageous.


Gun safe dehumidifiers are normally cover small areas. The greater part of the more costly models gives a superior range, making them more proper for enormous firearm safes. You ought to choose the dehumidifier as per the size of the gun safe as putting a high limit dehumidifier in a small safe will squander cash and make the ammo excessively dry, which will likewise affect its performance.

Charge Time and Duration:

Most desiccant dehumidifiers contain beads or crystals that recharge by warming them. Electric dehumidifiers beads take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, while canisters can be warmed in an oven for just two hours. The thought is to warm the gel beads to vanish the water inside, opening up space to catch additional dampness. Once charged, it lasts at least a month with no issues.

Other Measures to Keep Humidity Levels Low in a Gun Safe?

Store the gun in a cool, dry place. You should make sure that the safety of the gun does not suffer from excessive heat or humidity inside or outside. It’s normal to keep a gun safe in the basement, but also make sure your basement doesn’t have a dampness problem.

Check your safe regularly to avoid the humidity scenario. If humidity rises, place a fan near the safe to keep the air fresh and cool. Remember this is only a temporary solution to the problem of humidity.

Use charcoal, baking soda, or coffee grounds. Please keep them in an open container in the safe. Many people believe in this desiccant material to absorb moisture in any situation. However, it will help if you change them regularly as they cannot be recharged as a desiccant dehumidifier can.

Protect your guns from rust. You can use many products like sprays and creams to keep your guns free from rust. Keep in mind that taking good care of your guns can keep them dry and clean, which is essential to keep them from rusting.

Humidity levels should not be kept too low. Low humidity can dry out your gunpowder. Ideal storage conditions occur at 50% humidity. You should constantly re-evaluate the weather to ensure that your gun is safe, as humidity levels can vary depending on the weather.

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