SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB Review

The SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB is popular choice of many home protectors for all the right reasons. This is the best product in terms of quality, functionality, and durability. Its fire and water resistant ability makes it a strong safe box for protecting important documents and valuables. Storing your important stuff in one secure place can help you to get relief from unwanted stress. Moreover, this safe also allows you to store multiple user ids. At a very reasonable cost, this best gun safe box is made up with the high-end technology and is certainly one of the best things that you can get your hands on! To read a full review of the highlighted features, benefits and drawbacks, continue reading SentrySafe SFW123DSB review below.

Technical Specifications

  • It is also a fire and water resistant combination safe 
  • Covers advanced fire protection which means it is UL classified for enduring high temperature fire (1 hour at 1700ºF)
  • ETL verified for 1 hour fire protection of CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks and USB drives. 
  • ETL verified Fire resistant box which means it can resist fire and withstand 15-foot drop and will remain close.
  • Water resistant safe box: ETL verified up to 5 inches of water for up to 24 hours
  • Can protect documents, records, jewelry and other valuables in case of fire or water damage.
  • It is a combination safe box that has four live-locking bolts for increased security. 
  • Consist of steel construction and also a pry-resistant door for easily opening the door.
  • Includes a dual key to open the safe manually
  • Also includes bolt down hardware to prevent unauthorized entry, access, or removal of the personal safe.
  • Also includes after fire replacement guarantee which means that in case of fire damage, SentrySafe will replace the product with a new one.

Design & Feature

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB is available in different sizes. It weighs around 90 pounds. It is 16.3 x 19.3 x 17.8 inches making it a wide and reliable safe box to store important documents, jewelry, electronic media, pistol or weapons. It is also a wide and spacious safe having wide capacity.

Combination Dial & Dual Key Functionality

This safe comes with a 3-number preset combination that follows a familiar right-left-right sequence. It can make nearly 1,000,000 possible combinations of passwords to ensure added security. The dual keys that comes along with the safe offers the owner an ability to disable the primary lock. This would restrict the access of other people who already know the combination password thus, offering double layer of security.

Wide & Spacious Interior

SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB has a large capacity that’s why it can conveniently store your documents and valuables in just one location. This large size enables you to put all your important documents, valuables and belongings at one secure place. It comes with a fire and water resistant feature that makes it perfect choice for gun safe box under $500.

Increased Theft Deterrence

The solid steel construction gives the safe increased protection. The four live-locking bolts are strong and difficult to open with unauthorized access. This avoids any unforeseeable theft situation.


  1. It is fire and water resistant to protect your valuables from extreme damage and loss.
  2. This safe has four 1-inch steel bolts that are approximately 60% bigger in size than the bolts that are found on a traditional safes.
  3. The adjustable interior shelf helps in organizing the items. The key rack, tray, and pocket on the door are also made to effortlessly organize your things.
  4. If you want to mount the safe on a solid surface such as tiles or even floors then you can do with the bolt-down kit that comes with the safe to enable you to easily bolt the safe to the floor or tiles.


  1. The safe is heavy and may require a lot of strength to carry. The weight can be a con for someone who want to place the safe on second or top floor.
  2. If you want to mount the safe to the floor then you may need to drill holes in the safe. These small holes can allow water or fire inside the safe thus damaging your valuables.


Final Verdict of SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe SFW123DSB Review

It would be hard to find a product that offers such excellent features, quality and performance at such an affordable price range. This best SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe is definitely a popular choice for home and office security. It also protects from fire and water damage and is made up of solid steel to protect it against theft and Bulgars. Your documents remain safe in the box for years.  The SentrySafe brand comes with a lot more promising features that make the product best choice for the users. There are also other models with different price tags and capacities so you can choose  a safe that best suits your requirements. With premium quality and security features this product is destined to make the users immensely happy!

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