SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K Review

If you are looking for a small gun safe box then SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K is one of the best compact pistol box. This gun safe box is easy to handle and comes with additional features that makes it easy for you to carry and travel easily with this gun safe box. This affordable gun safe box has everything that you want to keep your gun safe from unauthorized access. If you have made a mind to buy SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K then don’t forget to read SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K review below.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity to store one standard handgun
  • Interior includes compression foam lined to protect guns against scratches
  • Gun lock box comes with a pry resistant door
  • Made up of solid steel construction that provides strength and security against unauthorized access to firearms
  • Compact size allows portability, security and easy handling 
  • Includes a tethering cable to attach the unit while travelling
  • Provides protection and readiness

Design and Features

The SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K is designed to protect your guns and pistols from unauthorized access. It ensures safety with solid steel construction and a pry resistant door. It is a small, compact gun safe box that you can carry easily. It weighs around 7.5 pounds. It is 10.1 x 11.3 x 3.4 inches making it a small and reliable safe box to store a standard size gun. The interior size is around 3.0 in H X 9.8 in W X 7.3 in D.

It has a nylon handle that is build very solid. SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K has a keyed locking mechanism that assist in keeping items secure in case of theft.


  1. This gun safe has been exclusively designed to offer on-the-go security that includes a convenient carrying handle and
  2. It comes with a steel tethering cable so you can secure your items.
  3. It also has a high compression interior foam that helps in preventing damage to firearms or any other valuables while you are travelling.
  4. You can easily conceal it under the car seat when traveling in a car with kids.


  1. It comes with a key lock system so if you lose both the keys then you will not be able to open the gun safe box.
  2. The interior foam may rip up after using this gun safe box for an extended period of time.


Final Verdict of SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K Review

The SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K is an excellent product in terms of price, size and design. The price range for this gun safe box is also quite reasonable as compared to other gun safe boxes. Its exclusive features make it best gun safe box under $100. SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K is meant to impress users with its functionality and reliability and so it does with its looks and performance. It is a great investment to make for first time users. If you are a frequent traveler or want to conveniently carry your gun in your car then this would be the best choice amongst the small pistol safe. You won’t regret buying this pistol safe.


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