SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2EL Review

Defending our home and families in any unfortunate circumstances is what we want. That is why it is becoming important to carry a firearm in your homes, offices and personal places to protect yourself from any unfortunate incident. Buying a gun for this purpose would take your considerable time but you also need to pay considerable amount of time in deciding to buy the best pistol safe brand to keep your gun safe. You can use search and read reviews to find the best gun safe box for your gun. If you are looking for a two pistol capacity safe box then SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2EL would be a good consideration. But before you buy SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2EL, read it’s complete review below.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity for carrying two guns
  • Ensure visibility due to LED light
  • Interior lighting for easy access in dark spaces
  • Pry resistant door protects firearms against theft
  • Quick entry in unfortunate circumstances
  • Comes with a solid steel construction
  • Certified to California DOJ Requirements

Design & Feature

This two pistol capacity gun storage box weighs around 15.8 pounds. It is 9.8 x 16.4 x 3.2 inches in size that can carry two guns at a time. It is a nice and sturdy

It has a digital keypad just like the other SentrySafe gun storage units. There are 4 buttons on the front of the box. When you click one button all the four will lit up. This helps to unlock the keypad conveniently in the dark. A slow firm input will open the safe. The interior lightning is a plus point to ensure visibility in the dark places. The interior blue led light makes it easy for you to locate the guns or any other items like bullets, magazines that you have put in the gun safe box. The led light is programmable which means that you can program it to 0, 10, or 20 second intervals.


  1. It is a large box that can carry two large guns in it. So, if you have two guns then this would be the best one to have.
  2. The led light is a great function as it can help you to see the guns even if it is really dark and there is minimum light visibility.
  3. It comes with an override key so in normal circumstances you can use the key to open the safe and get easy access to the guns.


  1. The only con this storage box has is that in some units the batteries die in 2 to 3 months. But you can replace the batteries and it would work fine.

Final verdict of SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2EL Review

You may be now wondering that is SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP2EL worth buying or not? To be honest, if you want to store two large guns and you also want the safe to have interior lightning then this is a great solution for your needs. The price of this pistol safe also seems quite affordable as it provides you 2 pistol capacity along with the led light. It is a great solution for storing your guns in a single box instead of buying two different pistol safe to store the guns. With the large interior capacity, you can also use it to store other gun items. The pry resistant door and compression strut also makes it the best gun safe box with a capacity to store 2 guns.

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