Six Additional Ways to Use a Pelican Case – Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

As we all know that when it comes to securing your photography equipment, the Pelican brand is highly respected. Because of the waterproof properties of the cases and their seemingly indestructible nature, they make the right choice for many professionals. If you think they’re just to keep your gear safe, think again, they actually have a lot more practical benefits than obvious.

1. Turns Into a Handy Light Stand

I currently found that in some older hard cases my own purge valve (which stays just above the handle and controls the pressure) is placed in the place of the threaded opening. If you cautiously eliminate the valve, you can replace it with a spigot. This opens up a world of possibilities because virtually every camera accessory can now be attached to your case with the help of various grips.

Turns Into a Handy Light Stand

Naturally, I never intended to use this hole for careful use, but you can see in my picture that the case quickly became a very strong low-level light stand. If you do not have one, you can add light to one of the two handles with the help of something like a super-clamp or a Gorillapod. I find this useful when you want to set up a time-lapse camera for a BTS shoot. Be sure to remove the gear you need before you hit the record.

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2. Getting a Better View Point

Getting a Better View Point

Sometimes when you have to go a little higher on a shoot and you are in the middle of a place, maybe a pair of steps is nowhere near. Fortunately, the case is so strong that you will have no problem standing on it. Even if your height only increases by a few extra inches, you may wonder how many times it will be useful. It also makes an excellent seat that you will really appreciate when you have to shoot at a low angle for any length.

3. Give Your Subjects a Lift

As with the last point, there are times when you feel your subject should be a little higher. I have often used the case as a platform for models. This is especially useful when shooting at locations that have been used many times before. Simply raising the model several inches above the ground can change the play-out location a little differently instead. If you are shooting groups of people and they are different sizes, this is another easy use.

Give Your Subjects a Lift

The hard case can be used as a make-shift apple box to keep everyone’s shape balanced. Even if group shooting isn’t your thing, placing a model with just one foot on a case can dramatically change one’s body shape and make a flat-legged portrait something more dynamic instead. The best part of all of this is that you still have a case so no extra kits are needed.

4. Transform Into a Rucksack

For those of you who have avoided difficult cases because they do not have the ability to carry easily, this is for you. Now there is a conversion harness by RucPac that allows you to hold the 1510 case on your back like a rucksack. The straps are easily attached and when not in use they fold so short that they will not take up much space. I can imagine that this is especially useful when you have your hands full to carry other equipment. I have to admit that because of the location shoot conditions, my cases have to stay at home.

Transform Into a Rucksack

This determines the reason for investing in such storage as this is the time when you need to get the most protection from it. It’s like owning a crash helmet but only wearing it when you’re standing. For this reason, if you shoot in a very crazy place and it is impractical to take the case, I advise you to invest in some of these straps.

5. Give Your Video Work Motion

This may attract more video makers out there, but I find it useful for some of you photographers, especially those who experiment with time. It is actually possible to improve your case to become an effective camera dolly or slider. All you need to do is add some rig wheels as they do in this video and you will add speed to your clip in no time. The wheels are self-removable so they can be kept in the case when not in use. If you, like me, rarely do video work but still like the option, this change might be a better option than buying a dedicated slider setup.

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6. Turn a Hard Case Into a Tether Station

I came up with this one a while back while looking for the right tether station to use on location. In my opinion, it makes more sense to use existing equipment than to buy or carry something else. If you want to go down the DIY route like me, you just have to drill a hole in the bottom of the case and feed through the quick release bolt of the bicycle which then attaches to the head of the slightly modified tripod. If you want to go the less destructive way, there are plenty of specialist brackets out there that can do the same thing. Regardless of the hard case you choose to protect your gear, it immediately becomes multipurpose to protect your gear.

Turn a Hard Case Into a Tether Station

The humble pelican case is actually the Swiss military knife of the camera world. I know that many of these techniques will never replace the kits you already have. But I just want to make it clear that the hard case can be much more versatile than you might think. Personally, I am a huge fan of them because I know they will protect my valuable equipment in most situations. I also like the fact that they can have more than one user on a single shoot with just a few minor adjustments. Adding one to your shopping list may not be a bad idea when you consider all the additional ways that cases like this may come to your rescue while you are in the field.

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