9 Steps to Prepare & Store Your Guns in a Gun Safe

The primary motivation to store guns in a safe is to hold your guns back from getting into unwanted hands – especially for untrained or malicious people. Nonetheless, when you put the firearms into the vault they can become damaged or rust. We’ve assembled some significant hints to keep your firearms in great condition and protect them in the event of the worst.

A quality gun safe can assist with keeping your guns in great condition by keeping out dampness and other substances or additional gases that might harm your firearms over the long run.

Follow These 9-Steps for “Safe” Gun Safe Storage

1. Store Your Guns Clean

Thoroughly clean the guns inside and outside. Copper, lead and even plastic can attract moisture. Keep your guns dry. Also, clean the bore. Leave a light layer of grease on all metal surfaces to form a thin coating to seal it. Always treat your wood stocks with wax inside and out. This will help prevent inflation or cracking of the wood.

2. Remove Fingerprints From Your Guns

In the form of fingerprints, natural salts in your hands can be the entry point for rust. Wipe them with an ammonia-free cleaner when storing.

3. Don’t Overcrowd Your Guns in a Safe

Guns often get nick and ding when they are put in and removed from the gun vault. Don’t overload and plan ahead of time placement.

4. Limit Humidity Inside Your Gun Safe

The air in the gun safe should be stable at 50 percent humidity or slightly dry throughout the year. Place it there with a dehumidifier and monitor with a hygrometer. If you live in humid weather, check your stored gun from time to time and more often.

5. Bolt Your Gun Safe Down

It will be difficult for a thief to pick up a safe or remove it from your home or other places. Make sure your floor is able to support the weight of the safe. You may need to place additional joists to secure the bolting system and the weight of the gun.

6. Follow the Rules of Firearm Safety

Keeping your guns securely in the safe means you are not always free to follow the Ten Rules of Safe Gun Handling. See National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) gun safety rules and the first four are big.

7. Copy the Safes Combination

Make multiple copies of the safe combination and store them securely in a separate place from that vault.

8. Keep a List of Inventory

Keep an up-to-date list of guns, ammunition, and other items in your safe. Include serial numbers, descriptions, and pictures. Store inventory in another location, such as a safe deposit box.

9. Don’t Store Your Guns in Gun Cases

Cabala’s silicone-treated gun sock, like the silicone impregnated gun sock, is great for storing in a gun safe, but never keep your gun in a waterproof, fabric, leather, or any breathable case. Guns should be kept in a place where dry air can circulate around them.

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