What Humidity Should My Gun Safe Be?

Guns are defenseless against corrosion whenever presented to high moistness, even when oiled and cleaned. You can track down the wooden stocks or gunstocks that dry out and break once it is connected with non-ideal conditions. Contingent upon the area of your protected, outrageous hotness and dampness influence the state of your guns. You don’t need corrosion to consume your guns, which makes you think – what mugginess should my gun safe be? Why hazard your guns from rusts?

Assuming moisture will in general spread inside a protected, it’s feasible to harm the contents. Adornments can get discoloring and tarnish, documents will get mildew, and weapons can rust. It will be difficult to fix these resources, and sometimes you can’t recuperate them by any stretch of the imagination. The condensation speeds up the disintegration of what’s inside a safe. Since you go through loads of cash securing your resources, so why not deal with them additionally once inside the safe?

What is the Acceptable Gun Safe Humidity Level

What humidity should my gun safe be? Studies from the NRA show that half dampness at 70 degrees temperature is viewed as an ideal and safe stockpiling condition. At the point when it becomes dryer than that, you will deal with issues with your gunstocks as it dries out and shrivels.

If your home is in an appropriate temperature condition where condensation can begin on metal, at that point, it’s likely fine. However, in case you’re living on an ocean coast with salt air splashing your home, then, undoubtedly, your firearms will rust.

Firearms stockpiling, safes, or cabinet needs care and exceptional consideration as you would have to utilize dehumidifiers or desiccants. It’s best to utilize mugginess and temperature control to screen the levels of climate conditions in your home.

Hygrometer for Gun Safe

The most straightforward way of observing the humidity level of a weapon safe is by utilizing a hygrometer. This instrument watches the temperature and condition inside the safe. Your objective in utilizing this gadget in your safe is coming to basically half relative dampness or possibly between 40 to 60% temperature. You might track down that this gadget is not difficult to utilize and reasonable.

A gun safe hygrometer can be introduced to gauge the inside temperature and stickiness of gun stockpiling or cabinet. Buildup plays a huge danger of rusting and contracting your guns and different reports in a safe. Extreme dampness, when not observed, will be a factor in malfunctioning your guns and destroying ammunition.

What Damage can Extreme Humidity do to Your Gun Safe?

This question may come to your mind – how should my gun be safe? Since you are focused on keeping the status of your gun or other documents in your safe. Excessive humidity can do some damage to your safety.

  • Storing your ammunition in your gun vault can cause damage if there is too much moisture around the safety of your gun.
  • Extreme humidity attracts mold growth. Keep in mind that the inside of your safe can store moisture or mold that can cause decay.
  • High-level humidity, safe inside and outside of your gun, can cause rust. Although you can use a rust cleaner to clean the rust, eventually the rust will use your gun safely where it will be too much to clean.
  • If excessive humidity can damage your gun, so can the documents stored in your jewelry and in your safe.
  • Excessive humidity can damage watches, hard drives, electronic gadgets, and other valuables.

Ways to Keep the Perfect Temperature of a Gun Safe

There are several ways to keep gun temperature safe in good condition. One of them is to use a dehumidifier that can suppress the moisture in the vault.

Using EvaDry Dehumidifier

The most prescribed way of keeping an ideal temperature inside a firearm safe is utilizing the EvaDry canister. This dehumidifier contains extraordinary gems that ingest high humidity and keep the mugginess level right. You can buy EvaDry in various sizes, and they are inexhaustible. When the blue precious stones become pink, this shows the canister needs a re-energize.

Using a Dehumidifier Rod

One more way of protecting the humidity inside a firearm is by utilizing a dehumidifier bar or goldenrod. You can put this gadget inside the safe to control the hotness to warm air that circles inside the safe. Your firearm safe’s temperature ought to be 3 degrees hotter than the external air, which forestalls dampness inside the safe. Dehumidifier poles come in various lengths, yet we prescribe utilizing a 12-inch bar to use in 20 cubic feet weapon safe.

Using Rice As Humidity Checker

You can utilize rice to screen the moistness and dampness level inside the safe. You can do this by leaving a bowl fulls of rice and leaving it inside. What’s acceptable with regards to the rice is that it retains dampness and soddenness inside the safe. It’s a less expensive way of controlling the moistness level that circles within a safe.

Where to Put the Gun Safe to Control the Extreme Humidity Level

You can keep away from the danger of dryness and dampness by setting your gun safe in an ideal area. While the basements can forestall fire and robbery, this spot may not be a phenomenal region to store your gun safe against stickiness. Most basements are secured, which proposes a temperature that doesn’t flow as expected.

You can handle the dangers of dryness and mugginess by setting your gun safe inside a bedroom closet. It’s a fantastic choice to install the safe where it’s cool and dry. You can utilize a coat closet room to put your gun safe, which gives brilliant air dampness.

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Tips to Keep Your Safe Cool

Here are some simple steps to keep the temperature of your gun safe under control.

  • Do not store unnecessary items or valuables in the vault.
  • You can open the door for a few hours to get the moisture out of the vault.
  • It is best to clean the inside of the gun by wiping or polishing the wall and rack inside the safe.
  • You can reduce the humidity in the vault and blow it out using a fan.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep the humidity in your safety in good condition.


When attempting to discover what humidity should my gun safe be? It’s actually best to utilize a hygrometer and select the ideal area to put your safe. Staying away from the danger of consumption against your guns implies monitoring your safe’s mugginess level. You can utilize a safe dehumidifier to control and forestall dampness inside the safe. Indeed, even after you’ve kept your firearms inside a gun safe, you actually need to keep up with it, don’t hazard your guns from rusts.

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