Best Under Bed Gun Safe of 2020

Do you want to protect your firearms and guns from the family and the intruders. ? We provide you some of the best Bed Gun Safes under the durable cost and more efficient to store with low space and in comfortable space. We can store the guns in the bed gun safe that we can use and store them and we can use them when we need and keep away from the family, kids, intrudes from the unauthorized use of the guns.

To have the proper access and with secure and high security such as the biometric scanners and combination locks by which storing the gun in the safe they will near and use it when they need it. The many of the guns safes are designed that they can store the long guns, are bulky and require plenty of floor space to store the long guns. Bed Gun Safes provides us the standard way to store the guns under the bed safe with the proper security and the secure way that when we need the gun during emergency or for intruders activity we can easily access it or the member of the family can also be able to access if he knows the lock pin or the biometric security.

When you are purchasing the right gun safe under the bed storage we will want plenty of the storage space and the durable and reliable access methods with secure protection to the guns.

Top 8 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews of 2020

1. Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker

Hornady 98190 RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker Hornady’s 98190 protects your firearms and your family and stores the firearms you may need ready under your bed. Hornady’s 98190 is built in 14-gauge steel that it will be drop, pick, pry, and saw-proof and we can store the shotguns and AR-15 rifles and which we can access them by the safe’s RFID sensor and if we cannot access the guns or safe by the wristband or key fob there is the keypad by which there is pin 0f 4-6 digits by inserting the pin we can open the safe and access the guns.

The safe is child-resistant and tamper-proof that it will not be easy to break the security and the key code pin and RFID signal. The interior racks can be adjusted to fit the guns you need to customize and arrange the guns according to our needs. Keep the safe connection to the AC and battery power.



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Key Features:

  • 14-Gauge Steel Construction
  • RFID Sensor Lock
  • Key Code Pin

2. MonsterVault Underbed Safe

Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed SafeMonsterVault is a build-up of the double-wall construction and Galvanized steel and the material is met8cal with the ball-bearing drawer glides which provides us the smooth and reliable use when we need or during the operation. MonsterVault has the electronic keypad which have the pin of the 3-8 digits with the backup key. MonsterVault is having the black powder coating finishing at all the surface of the gun safes.

The gun safe mounts to floor with provided holes by which the safe can be unlocked and open in the seconds to clean the safe. MonsterVault used to store the long guns, shotguns, and pistols but there may be extra space left for the ammo or any of your personal valuables.




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Key Features:

  • User Programmable Electronic Key Pad
  • Durable Black Powder Coating
  • Spacious Drawer

3. SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun Safe

SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun SafeSecureIt has the height: 6.5, width: 40, depth: 13 which can use to store the scope and the magazine of the gun attached to it in the gun safe. SecureIt has the electronic keypad which have the pin of the 3-8 digits with the backup key by which we can easily access the gun safe at any time. SecureIt includes pad cushions and tie-down straps for the horizontal mobile applications.

SecureIt provides you the discrete design that it can store additional handgun and ammo storage as the locker style, stack on top of one another that it provides the additional holes that we can fit it as we need in-home on the wall or in the bed. It has a tactical advantage over the intruders that we can store the handguns at the home.

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Key Features:

  • Discrete Design
  • User Programmable Electronic Key Pad
  • Fast Access

4. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400SnapSafe is a build-up of the 14 gauge heavy-duty steel which has the pre-drilled bolt holes to fit the gun safe in the home to easily access the safe from the wall or drawer as we need. SnapSafe has the multi-use capacity that we can use it in the home and in-vehicle that we can store the firearms, jewelry, documents, and more as large furniture.

It contains the Pry resistant door that by which the kids and unauthorized users cannot access and gain the access of the gun safe and the things and also there is a 5-foot cable for the security purpose when the safe is in a stationary object. SnapSafe has the electronic keypad which has the pin of the 3-8 digits with the backup key by which we can easily access the gun safe at any time.

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Key Features:

  • Multi-Use Capacity
  • Electronic & Manual Access
  • Pry-Resistant Door

5. Titan Pistol Vault Gun Safe

Titan Pistol Vault Gun Safe Fail-SafeTitan Pistol is made up of 14 gauge hardened steal. There is no No keys to lose, batteries to replace, apps to download to open the security and to make more complicated by biometrics. Titan Pistol is best suited for easy storage and access to your pistol magazine by which ammo is separated from the gun and is locked into the container. We can simply use the ammo box for additional ammunition storage. Titan Cable Lock can be attached if we are on the vacation or on the travel we can mount the safe security that it may not get lose and secure because it increases the probability of our safe. The safe can fit the 8 guns and ammo into it.

Titan Pistol is rugged that it can fit anywhere in the house and strong that it will not easily break down with the more portability that it can even fit into the small space storage and can store the more guns with the secure way without any of the complicated security options with the cable to mount when we are not near the safe for long period.


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Key Features:

  • Powder Coat Hardened Steel
  • Two Patented Mounting Plates
  • Provides Locked Container

6. V-Line 31242-SA Gun Safe

V-Line 31242-SA Gun SafeV-Line is made up of the 16 guage galvanized steel which can fit AR-15 type rifles with needed accessories needed to the gun more efficiently. The gun safe can be easily mounted horizontal or vertical position in the home because the holes are predrilled in the bottom case. The gun safe can se easily hid behind the door or in the wall as we need. There is no biometric or electronic lock to this gun safe that it can easily gain access by some tricks it is mechanical lock safe where the combination of the lock is not easy to set and change.

V-Line is coated with the textured low-gloss black finishing which is pretty good for the long-time use. V-Line can store the small and the long guns into a sturdy way as we need which is also having the high-security locking system combine to keep your gun both safe. There are 2 additional key locks when you don’t need quick access. The coated finishing will keep the steel more durable and good for the years.


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Key Features:

  • Horizontal Or Vertical Mounting
  • Mechanical Lock
  • Primary Quick Access

7. Stealth Defense Vault DV652

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun SafeStealth Defense Vault has a Stealth’s Electronic Lock. This is the high-security lock that is provided to the safe that when touching its allows you to see the numbers in the dark too open the pin. It is only under the bed safe the keypad is provided to put the pin to unlock. There is a five-point locking bar to open the door when the correct combinations to open the safe with the foam-padded tray in which the weapons are placed in that tray inefficient manner and comfortably.

Stealth Defense Vault has fourteen gauge steel body which proves to be heavy and strong for the long use and to store weapons under the bed. It has 4 pre-drilled holes into the safe that we can mount it on a wall or where we need as it is bed safe but if alternative we want we can fit it somewhere else.



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Key Features:

  • Electronic Lock
  • 5 Point Locking Bar
  • Four Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

8. Safety and Security King Bed Bunker

Safety and Security King Bed BunkerKing Bed Bunker made using 16-gauge steel on all sides which makes it practically tamper-proof. King Bed Bunker has a mechanical lock safe where the combination of the lock is not easy to set and change where it can be programmed for 1081 different combinations. The lock of the safe does not require any batteries or electrical power to work or for any of the security purpose as it has a combinational lock. The gun safe is silver textured powder-coat finishing by which the steel of the safe will last for the years after the rough use too and also it is durable due to finishing and the material used.

The gun safe can be adjusted into the small space if there is a shortage of space in the home or bed it can manage due to its size more comfortably. This gun safe is childproof and good looking with antique design and durability due to material.


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Key Features:

  • 1081 Different Combinations
  • Childproof
  • Simplex Combination Lock


To store the firearms more securely we provide you the bed gun safes where you can fit the safe and store the weapons with the proper security as you need. We provide you the best bed gun safe in the market under the efficient cost. I hope you will get the best choice of safe in our best choices.

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