How To Add Shelves To Your Gun Safe: Easy DIY Guide

To add shelves to your gun safe, measure the interior, purchase or cut compatible shelves, and install them using shelf pins or brackets. Ensure your safe is empty and unsecured before starting.

Organizing a gun safe effectively maximizes space and improves accessibility. Adding shelves to your gun safe is a practical way to enhance its functionality, allowing you to store ammunition, accessories, and other valuables neatly. This guide presents a clear, step-by-step approach to customizing your safe’s interior with additional shelving.

While the process is straightforward, precision is key to create a secure and orderly storage environment. Ensuring the safe is grounded and open, you can embark on this DIY project with confidence, transforming your safe into a well-organized unit tailored to your specific needs. Whether you own a small handgun safe or a larger rifle cabinet, adding shelves can make a significant difference in how you store and protect your investments.

Essential Tools And Materials For Gun Safe Shelving

Organizing guns and accessories in a safe calls for sturdy shelving. Before diving into your DIY project, gather the right tools and materials. This keeps installation smooth and shelves secure. Let’s explore the needs for your gun safe makeover.

Measuring Your Gun Safe

Accurate measurements are the foundation of custom shelving. You’ll need:

  • Tape measure: For internal dimensions.
  • Level: To ensure straight, even shelves.
  • Notebook: For jotting down measurements.

Materials Needed For Diy Shelves

Use quality materials for long-lasting shelves.

  • Plywood or metal sheets: Pick durable ones.
  • Shelf brackets: They must support the weight.
  • Screws: To secure brackets to the safe.
Material Function Notes
Plywood Shelf surface Choose thickness based on load
Metal Sheet Alternative to plywood Resists warping
Brackets Supports shelf Match with shelf weight

Choosing The Right Tools

With correct tools, installation is a breeze.

  1. Drill: For making precise holes.
  2. Screwdriver: To fasten screws tightly.
  3. Safety goggles: Protect your eyes from debris.

After gathering your tools and materials, you’re set for the next steps. Proper measurements, quality materials, and the right tools ensure your shelves are perfect for your gun safe.

How To Add Shelves To Your Gun Safe: Easy DIY Guide


Pre-installation Preparation

Embarking on a DIY project to add shelves to a gun safe involves careful planning. The right preparation ensures a smooth installation process. Let’s delve into the essential steps before beginning this project.

Safety Considerations Before Starting

  • Unload all firearms stored within the safe to prevent accidents.
  • Secure ample workspace to maneuver around the gun safe safely.
  • Wear protective gear, like gloves and safety glasses, during the process.
  • Keep a first aid kit nearby for unexpected emergencies.

Cleaning The Interior Space

Start with a clean slate to ensure the new shelving fits perfectly. Remove existing contents and thoroughly clean the interior. Use gentle cleaning supplies to avoid damaging the safe’s interior.

Planning The Layout: Maximizing Space

  1. Determine the shelf purpose – storage for guns, ammunition, valuables?
  2. Measure the safe’s interior to know the maximum shelf size possible.
  3. Consider adjustable shelving options for future flexibility.
  4. Create a sketch of the layout to visualize the final outcome.

Strategize the placement of shelves for easy access and organization. Ensure the layout allows for maximum storage while keeping the contents of the safe orderly and accessible.

Step-by-step Guide To Adding Shelves

Are your firearms getting a bit crowded? It’s time to customize your gun safe with additional shelving. This step-by-step guide will show you how to add shelves to your gun safe easily. You’ll maximize space and keep your items organized. Let’s get started with measuring and cutting the right material for your new shelves.

Measuring And Cutting The Shelf Material

First, measure your safe’s interior. You’ll need the height, width, and depth. Then, select the material for your shelves. Plywood or metal are popular choices. Once you have your material:

  • Mark the measurements on your material.
  • Use a straightedge to draw where you will cut.
  • Wear safety gear, like goggles and gloves.
  • Cut the material with a saw to fit your measurements.

Assembling The Shelf Structure

With the pieces cut, you’re ready to assemble:

  1. Place the shelf pieces on a flat surface.
  2. Align the edges so they are flush.
  3. Use brackets or screws to join the pieces.
  4. Ensure the structure is square and stable.

Securing Shelves To The Gun Safe

Now, secure the shelves in your gun safe:

  • Position the shelf inside the safe.
  • Mark where the shelf will attach to the safe.
  • Drill pilot holes into the safe’s interior walls.
  • Screw the shelf into place, making sure it’s level.

And there you have it! Your gun safe is now customized with extra shelving. Enjoy the added organization and space for your firearms and accessories.

How To Add Shelves To Your Gun Safe: Easy DIY Guide


Customization Tips For Gun Owners

‘Customization Tips for Gun Owners’ guide you through ways to personalize your gun safe. A gun safe serves to protect your firearms, but why stop there? Make your safe work harder with these easy customization tips. You’ll have a tailored space that not only secures your guns but also showcases your personality.

Adjustable Shelving Solutions

To optimize your gun safe interior, adjustable shelving is a game-changer. This setup allows you to modify shelf heights to accommodate firearms of different sizes.

  • Measure your safe’s interior.
  • Choose brackets and rails to fit.
  • Buy or cut shelves to match the space.

Keeping shelves versatile and easily reconfigurable enables your collection to grow.

Adding Cushions For Extra Protection

Cushions within your gun safe prevent scratches and dents. They also reduce movement that could damage your guns.

Material Protection Level Recommended Use
Foam Padding High Underneath and Between Firearms
Soft Liners Medium Drawer Lining
Felt Basic Shelf Covering

Insert cushions where guns contact surfaces. Also, consider using them between stacked items.

Personalizing With Accessories

Embellish your gun safe with accessories that reflect your style. Light strips illuminate your collection, while magnetic hooks hold keys and small tools.

  1. Install LED lighting.
  2. Hang decorative items.
  3. Use magnets for extra utility.

Adding decorative knobs or a fresh coat of paint to your safe gives it a personal touch.

Maintaining Your Diy Shelves

Once you’ve successfully added shelves to your gun safe, keeping them secure and pristine is crucial. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and safety. Let’s delve into the key practices for shelf upkeep.

Routine Check-ups And Tightening

  • Inspect shelf brackets for any signs of wear or damage monthly.
  • Use a screwdriver to tighten loose screws and bolts.
  • Check for shelf stability; they should not wobble.
  • Ensure level alignment to prevent items from sliding off.

Cleaning And Caring For Your Shelves

  1. Empty shelves quarterly for cleaning.
  2. Wipe down with a soft, damp cloth to avoid moisture damage.
  3. Use gentle wood cleaners on wooden shelves, if applicable.
  4. Avoid harsh chemicals that could corrode metal parts.

Knowing When To Upgrade

Even with diligent care, shelves have a lifespan. Look out for these signs:

  • Visible sagging indicates a need for stronger materials.
  • When scratches or dents are extensive, consider replacement.
  • Upgrade to adjustable shelving systems for better flexibility.
  • Newer, high-quality materials offer enhanced durability.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering issues while adding shelves to your gun safe can be frustrating. Let’s troubleshoot common problems so you can enjoy a well-organized space.

Dealing With Uneven Shelves

Shelves that wobble are both annoying and unsafe. Ensure balance with these steps:

  • Check the floor. Use a level tool to confirm the safe’s stability.
  • Adjust the shelf supports. They must be level for an even shelf.
  • Insert shims. Small wedges under the shelf corners can fix minor imbalances.

Handling Shelf Sagging

Sagged shelves can’t hold items well. Prevent bowing with these fixes:

  1. Reduce weight. Only place lighter items above.
  2. Add support. Install extra brackets underneath for more strength.
  3. Replace materials. Use thicker or sturdier shelf boards.

Solutions For Loose Fittings

Shelves that shift pose risk. Secure them firmly with these methods:

  • Tighten screws. Simple, yet effective. Ensure they fit snug.
  • Apply wood glue. For wooden shelves, it can provide additional hold.
  • Use locking shelf pins. They click into place and prevent unwanted movement.
Uneven ShelvesUse level tool and shims
Shelf SaggingAdd supports, use stronger materials
Loose FittingsTighten screws, apply wood glue
How To Add Shelves To Your Gun Safe: Easy DIY Guide


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Add Shelves To Your Gun Safe A Step By Step Guide

Can You Add Shelves To A Gun Safe?

Yes, you can add shelves to a gun safe. Ensure shelves are compatible with your model and install them following the manufacturer’s guidelines for a secure fit.

How Do You Put Shelves Up In A Cupboard?

Begin by measuring your cupboard’s dimensions. Purchase or cut shelves to match. Mount brackets or supports within the cupboard. Secure the shelves onto the supports. Confirm stability before use.

Is It Ok To Keep A Gun Safe In The Garage?

Storing a gun safe in the garage isn’t ideal due to potential temperature fluctuations, increased humidity, and higher theft risk. Ensure it’s bolted down, out of sight, and the climate is controlled for optimal security.

Where Not To Store A Gun Safe?

Avoid storing a gun safe in the garage, most basements, visible areas, or near windows. Choose discreet, climate-controlled, and secure locations instead.


Enhancing your gun safe with additional shelves is not only practical; it boosts organization and accessibility. Follow this guide to ensure a secure, custom storage solution for your firearms. Remember, a well-organized safe equals quick access and better protection. Start upgrading yours today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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